Manning Impex


July 15th, 2021

Powered Pallet Truck in a warehouse

Manning Impex Ltd has teamed up with Toyota to change over to totally electric manual handling pump trucks.

Due to company growth, it was only a matter of time to look for solutions to improve the efficiency of the work carried out by the goods handling team. The previously used, manual trucks, which were more strenuous to use and harder to operate due to their manual aspect have been replaced by totally electric manual handling pump trucks: Toyota BT Levio LWE 1.6 ton.

The Toyota BL Levio truck offers electric driving and lifting so tasks are not as much of a strain for operators. It is durable, lightweight, and compact, which is ideal for Manning Impex because the team operates in tight picking aisles of racking.

With their key features, electric trucks have already made a significant impact for operators at Manning Impex Ltd. by
• allowing workers to move around the workplace at a quicker pace
• being easier to control makes them less likely to cause any strain-related injuries

Manning Impex Ltd.’s goods handling team is really happy with the electric trucks and has reported that they experience far less fatigue by the end of a workday.

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