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September 27th, 2021


PM’s Export Award, the prestigious award for successful Thai exporters with over 30 years of notable prestige, aiming to encourage and uplift local exporters to establish their worldwide recognitions of trust.

The award manifests Thai pride and is renowned as the key driving force of tremendous national exports value in Thailand. Over the past 5 years (2017-2021), 5-9 Best Exporter awards have been granted to Thai export companies each year, accounting for more than 1,833 million US Dollars in export value and revenue for Thailand.

This substantial export value is generated hugely from many well-known and familiar brands, including “Royal Umbrella” rice brand and “Mama” instant noodle.

For this year PM’s Export Award 2021, a total of 42 awards will be granted to entrepreneurs from all categories, with 9 companies winning the Best Exporter awards, including three companies that Manning Impex partnered with for many years:

• “Royal Umbrella” rice brand
• “Mama” instant noodle
• “Ranong” tea

The Best Exporter winners of 2021 have contributed to over 244 million US Dollars of Thailand’s export value from January to July while also creating jobs for at least 14,639 people nationwide.
While many still wonder if the PM’s Export Award is only for major brands, the small local brand like “Ranong Tea,” a brand of instant Thai tea, herbal tea, and ginger tea, has proved otherwise. The brand successfully established its recognition from this award and was recently awarded the Best Exporter in 2021. Undeniably, “Ranong Tea” is a small brand yet, full of potential, quality, and great passion to always stay adaptive and be in response to consumer needs in the New Normal lifestyle, making it a trusted brand to both the public sector and partners worldwide.

Throughout the past three decades, PM’s Export Award has always been a crucial mechanism to support, uplift, and innovate Thai products to sustainably drive Thailand’s export sector forward and upscale Thai exporters at a competitive edge in the global trade. This truly aligns with this year’s theme of “SUCCEED BEYOND SUCCESS.”

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