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July 12th, 2021


Monori Seafood-snack products are one of Thai Union’s first seafood snacks. Fun, flavour, and nutritious, Monori snacks are made from the finest shrimp or salmon and cooked in healthy rice bran oil until perfectly crunchy.

Shrimp cheek is the part under the head of the finest white shrimp. Monori San and his crews remove all unnecessary and unhealthy parts like roe and brain, leaving just the portions that contain high Calcium and Chitosan.

The research and development team then thoroughly fry the cheek till it becomes crispy and turns into beautiful golden colour.

Shrimp cheek contains essential sources of calcium that helps strengthen your bones and teeth, Also, it does have Chitosan which benefit to maintain cholesterol level. In addition, vitamin E and antioxidant support immune function and prevent heart disease.

To order: 
Contact Manning Impex’s sales office at or contact your Manning Impex’s Key Account Manager


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