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January 27th, 2021

Royal Umbrella Improve Farmers Life

Royal Umbrella is committed to safeguarding the long-term sustainability of jasmine rice farming. Therefore, the company brings the Traceability and Good Agricultural Practices (GAP+) standards to transform targeted area into the best rice farms.

To address the challenges associated with jasmine rice cultivation, Royal Umbrella have sent team of professionals to rice fields to monitor, educate, and mentor local farmers. The company help them to develop and improve cultivation process to achieve the best quality rice.

The solution that Royal Umbrella offers to the farmers reduce the rice price volatility and promote sustainability within the market, it also creates safe environment for rice farming and reduce cost, while raise income.

The concept of sustainability in the way the food is produced and consumed brings benefits for all the parties in the food chain, in particular for farmers, including meeting an increasing demand and making a stronger connection with consumers.

Thai farmers have enjoyed tremendous success over the last couple of years as the popularity of Jasmine Rice continues to grow.

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